Sand Barkarby

The story of SAND Copenhagen is not only the story of one of the most successful and widespread Danish fashion brands ever; it is also the story of true creativity, a passion for craftsmanship and a keen eye for beautiful products.

Founded in Denmark, but deeply rooted in fine Italian fashion, SAND Copenhagen marries the best of two traditions: Scandinavian sense of design and style – passion for fabrics, prints in high level qualities. When Søren & Lene Sand founded SAND Copenhagen in 1981 they had a vision of combining the best of the North and the South in order to provide a contemporary look in high quality, using only the finest fabrics from Italian weavers. And from the beginning they had the idea to create wearable fashion, rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition and refined through the sense of style that comes from a deep understanding of quality.
The collections today are always on the spot, extremely wearable and easy to love and combine across seasons and fashion trends for your own, personal expression.

“We are not just a fashion company making clothes. There are a lot of thoughts behind each collection, a lot of creative energy in every item. Not only because of the feel of the fabrics or the beauty of the items but also because you can wear everything with ease, and feel comfortable wherever you are”, Søren says.


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