Art at SQO

We love art! SQO is full of wonderful art in different colors and shapes. We always try to find new, creative ways to bring art into our beautiful outdoor center.

Mural painting

Our beautiful mural painting has quickly become a favorite at SQO! It was painted in the spring of 2023 by Grafittisthlm. The motiv was voted for by our followers on Instagram. We think it’s great! It is appreciated daily by our visitors and is a lovely place for photography.

You find the mural painting on High Street, between Calvin Klein and Nike.


On High Street we have two colorful sculptures which are also created by Grafittisthlm. They match our mural painting and you really get happy when you see them!

Flower arrangement

At SQO, we are proud of our beautiful flowers! They are like art that spread over the entire area. The flowers are always adapted to the season. During the summer, for example, we have our nice midsummer pole set up and at Christmas time we have several Christmas trees. We are especially proud of our pergola on Short Street, here you can take the opportunity to rest your legs and enjoy the lovely flowers that surround the pergola. The floral arrangements are handled by our friends at Hässelby blommor.

Window painting

Several windows in the area have hand painted art on them that is painted by klotterstudio. These are also adapted according to the season. Below you can see pictures from our Food Hall when it is autumn-ready!


In the windows in one premises on High Square you will see beautiful paintings by Susanne Ellingsworth Wiinikka. A local artist who paints everything from architecture and portraits, to animals and nature. The paintings are often painted in acrylic but sometimes also in oil and watercolor. Inspiration often comes from Tornedalen, where Susanne grew up

More about Susanne and her art:

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