Choose food depending on mood

We may not have made it easy for you to choose when you want to eat well. We do, however, give you plenty freedom of choice. A multitude of places, with different orientations and menus will offer anything from fresh salads, bowls, vegan stews, charcoaled, classic hotdogs with bread, to a halloumi burger. And more. The only question is, what are you in the mood for today?

Find the right food with this quick guide

Making up one’s mind about what exactly you’re craving can be tricky. But perhaps you’ll know whether you’ll want something fast, healthy, or sweet?

What do you crave?

Fast: Grillen, Farsans Streetfood, Babas.
Healthy : Hawaii Poké, Mevan.
Sweet: Lindt, Espresso House, Waynes

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