At BABAS, you get your hamburger cooked with love.

A uniquely good smashed hamburger made from fresh ingredients and own dressings. We see every hamburger as a piece of art. We are inspired by people and interested in culture. That is why it important for us to contributeand give back. The suburb is our canvas and we paint on it, one burger at a time.

Our menu mainly consists of ”signature burgers” created together with some of Sweden’sbiggest Hip Hop artists. For example, Kaliffa’s “Helt seriöst”, Dree Low’s “PIPPI” and Jireel’s”Cataleya”.

We feel that this west side of the city deserves some real love, some real burgers. This is our 12th restaurant. We hope to see you soon!

Find us here

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 10:30 – 19:30
Saturday – Sunday 11:00 – 19:30