About SQO

About SQO

We are northern Europe’s biggest outlet village, hosting around 250 Scandinavian and international brands and true to the original outlet concept.

The stores are run by each individual brand who sell its excess stock from current or past seasons – always with a discount of up to 70% off the retail price.

The collections in-store consist of production surpluses, samples or excess stock – always in the original quality guaranteed by the brand. Often you will also find new and unique samples and products that have not previously been sold on the market, and maybe never will. The collections follow the seasons and you can always find new products in-store.

Enjoy the excitement with an outlet! Outlet stores are not like other stores – one time you might find the cool jacket you looked at in the city but now for half the price, the next time you stumble across a unique sample collection that will never be sold in regular stores.

At Stockholm Quality Outlet you shop comfortably. We have plenty of parking spaces where you can park for free for four hours. Our outlet village is an outdoor pedestrian area with two playgrounds for the children. If you get hungry there are both restaurants and cafes.

Stay updated with us:

1. Visit us often
Our stores are a bit special with their outlet range and you do not always know what is inside. There are constantly new deliveries and of course, your chances of discovering the best bargains is if you visit us often.

2. Follow us!
Surf around our website. Here are the most important and practical information of what can be found at SQO. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as well. From time to time we email our friends on the mailing list. You’re welcome to sign up for it! Keep in mind that we write the emails in Swedish.

3. Call and email!
If you know exactly what you search for, feel free to contact the stores directly to check if the items are in store. Contact information can be found on each store’s own page.