When Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite® in 1910 in Denver, travelling was exclusive to a small crowd of people: those who could afford to discover the world.

With this exclusivity, traveling was a high-quality experience, from the actual transport to the level of service, but also the accessories needed to transport personal belongings. Samsonite is one of the oldest brands in the travel industry, and the company has continued to use its craftsmanship and innovative heritage for the past 100 years, to create stylish, high-quality luggage solutions for the world traveler.

Samsonite is a world leader in travel effects. We also sell products from the brand American Tourister and smart hiking backpacks from the brand Gregory. In our store you can find suitcases, handbags, backpacks, bags, wallets, umbrellas and the small details of your trip.

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