The Barbour brand was founded in 1894 in the coastal town of South Shields in the north of England by the Scot John Barbour. Inspired by the North Sea fishermen’s durable clothing, sewn in sail cloth and dipped in oil, John Barbour began to make functional clothing to be used on everything from the rainy Scottish moors to the cold and windy British coastal towns. It was the start of what is still a family-owned company with classic and durable wax jackets, which today has developed into a lifestyle brand. In the assortment for both men and women we offer jackets, pants, sweaters, shirts, blouses, dresses, bags and accessories.

Barbour International was founded in 1936 by Duncan Barbour who was the third generation Barbour. Duncan was a true motorcycle fan and created jackets that were inspired by motorcycle jackets with the unique slanted chest pocket. As a tribute to Steve McQueen, Barbour International has launched a number of collections inspired by Steve and his motorcycle interest.

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