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Happiness inside and out. Sometimes you feel happy in a special way. Inside and out. This may be due to small things that give a special well-being. For us, it is precisely Abecita’s philosophy is about: functional, beautiful modern underwear & swimwear that gives a well-being. An inner luxury. We are quite sure that it was so Joel Åkerlund thought when he started Abecita already 1932. That we have a long history behind us gives us a security in what we do and today we are all over the Nordic region. We make underwear in carefully selected materials with sustainability in focus. We offer Fairtrade underwear and materials that are organic. A genuine craftsmanship. Come in and try. We are sure you will find new favourites that will give you the luxurious feeling inside and out. At our outlet you can find our outbound products at prices that are 30-60 at regular retail prices.

Underwear is a solid craftsmanship, therefore we do not compromise when it comes to function and quality. The long tradition and experience has given abecita his specialist knowledge, which we then combine with innovative Scandinavian design. Abecitas offers bra with function for sports, breastfeeding and for prosthetic. Abecitas Bra is comfortable and we are the market leader in a bygone bra. The bath is modern and classic with a sophisticated touch.

The idea for Salming underwear fall came in spring 1992. The basic idea was that you would hardly feel that you wore underwear. The characteristic vimple quickly became a guarantee of design, fit and quality. A few years later we also introduced underwear for women. Today the range is expanded with swimwear, night collection and the series Top Collection. Salming underwear fall wants through the products to convey what Börje Salming stands for and his fantastic qualities as a successful ice hockey player. During his 17 years in the National Hockey League, the NHL, he showed a unique willpower and progressivity, to always be at the forefront and not to give himself. Our goal is to make so beautiful underwear that you do not want to take them off! Our prices are 30-60 lower than regular retail prices.

We are proud of our knowledge and especially about our craftsmanship that is not always visible on the outside but that definitely makes a difference on the inside and that means that we constantly strive to develop, improve and create new. Swegmark offers Fairtrade products in organic cotton. In sports you will find bra with extreme support, which gives you a support you only dream of while having the best comfort. The best possible fit and comfort are at the heart. We therefore design several different models of underwear with focus on bras that are of high quality and are affordable. That they provide good support, have different functions and are modern is a matter of course. Everything in combination with materials that feels good to have closest to the body and which are manufactured with a view to the environment and ethics. This is important to us – just like you…


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