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Bruun & Stengade are looking for sales assistant with experience

Bruun & Stengade are looking for sales assistant with experience

We are offering:
• To be a part of a success story within retail
• An independent job with room to grow
• To be a part of a dynamic team
• To help building our retail in Sweden

You Are/Can:
• Have at least 1 years of experience in retail
• Responsible
• Can work under pressure
• Creative
• Good teamplayer
• Preferable strong in English
• Interested in upscale mens fashion
• Strong in personal sales
• Enthusiastic
• Passionate

You will be a part of a new team, in our first ever store in Stockholm. You will help us build a strong team, whether you are working part time, full time, management or trainee. We focus on results created as a team, and not individual success. Our retail in Denmark are strong and growing fast, as would we like to start out in Sweden. We treat our Outlets as any other store, as they are NOT used for only leftovers, but equal to regular retail stores, to promote our concept and create fantastic experiences for our customers.

Apply to:
Start: 1 October or sooner
Questions: contact Retail manager Ebba Perborg 070-8777253
Position: 15-38 h after agreement

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