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OBH Nordica AIR Force 460

4239 kr 2967 kr

The Air Force All-In-One 460 is a sleek, cordless vacuum cleaner with a powerful engine that gives you 30 minutes of vacuuming on one charge. Do you need to vacuum the roof, on the tables or get rid of the dog hairs? No problem! Air Force All-In-One 460 helps you vacuum all areas, from floor to ceiling.

The motorized vacuum cleaner head is effective on all types of surfaces. You are vacuuming smoothly on all types of flooring – neither parquet, carpets nor floor tiles are any problems for the Air Force All-in-one 460.

In addition, the Air Force All-In-One 460 has a built-in LED light so you can view dust under the bed and behind the doors. With the 8 included accessories, the Air Force all-in-one 460 is the only vacuum cleaner you need for a cleaner home.

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