Morris Barkarby

The name Morris was first carried by a legendary men’s shop, located on Hamngatan in Stockholm. It was the destination of choice for dandies throughout the country with a passion for British-made clothing and accessories, synonymous with quality. Thirty years later, the shop was long closed. But as a new brand was born, it was paid a well-deserved tribute. In the midst of fast moving fashion and Scandinavian minimalism, the new Morris brand praised the classic fashion in a new manner.

Acting as a rebel within a culture, we took the charm and eccentricity from the English college life. We mixed it with the elegance and timelessness characterizing the streets of Paris, Milan and Rome. And we sprinkled it all with Swedish quality, our own pride. The result is a wardrobe lasting over time. Inspired, but never controlled by trends. The result is a style best described as timeless. Just like our products.

In this outlet store, we offer fashion for both men and women.


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