Published 2020-04-08

Kavat moves into SQO

– It feels great to move into Stockholm Quality Outlet. It’s a step in the right direction, now we can reach out to more people,” says Pia Karlsson, who belongs to the fourth generation of Kavat’s family. World-class durable shoes for both children and adults are now an obvious part of SQO.

Pia explains that Kavat is often associated with children’s shoes with the fact that there is also a nice selection of shoes for adults. Bodås is Pia’s personal favorite model.

“They are a classic chelsea boot and can be used for everyday use, in the woods and in the city,” says Pia. In addition, it is a model that is eco-labelled with EU Ecolable.

Kavat was founded in 1945 by Pia’s great-grandfather Ragnar Karlsson in Kumla outside Örebro. The company still has its registered office there. Pia has more or less grown up at the factory. She started working for Kavat right after school in production. Then she went on to the store and later to the role she possesses today which deals with, among other things, product development. Marketing and communication is also something Pia is very involved in.

“There has never been a requirement from the family that I should get involved in the company, but I have done so entirely of my own volition,” says Pia proudly. For me it feels good to work for a brand like Kavat. I can stand for anything.

Kavat’s vision is to become the world’s most sustainable shoe company. Already in great-grandfather Ragnar’s time, they started working with sustainability. Materials and structures have always been carefully chosen. To manufacture sustainable shoes and “no fucking shit” as Ragnar Karlsson once said. Much has changed since then, but the promise is the same.

“We were early on with that strategy and have worked with sustainability from the very beginning,” says Pia. Today everything is different and most companies have a sustainability work. Many of our customers appreciate our environmental thinking and shoes from Kavat symbolize quality.

Kavat’s sustainability work is expressed in several ways. Production is currently mainly made in Kavat’s own factory in Bosnia, which is certified by the EU’s official eco-label. Material selection for shoes but also for packaging is important and is made with durability as a guiding principle. Kavat wants to challenge limits and offers two > services to extend the life of the shoes “Repair service” and “As new”.

Repair service
means that Kavat is reviewing your existing shoes and they get a make over. They change soles, fix seams, change shoelaces. They clean up and polish. It’ll be like a rebirth for your shoes. You do not have to buy new shoes as often which is really sustainable if anything!

As new
means you get 20 off your new Shoes from Kavat when you hand in your old Kavat shoes. Tell me you have an old pair of shoes that’s gotten too small. Bring them to a Kavat store they act as a discount check if you buy new shoes. The old shoes are then taken care of at Kavat’s shoemaking in Kumla. After that, they are ready for a new owner and sold under brand’s AsNew via the instagram account @kavat_asnew.

Both services are available in Kavat’s outlet store, which opens on Thursday 9 April at 10 am.
You’ll find the shop across from Wayne’s Coffee.