How we handle the outlet in times of virus

Stockholm Quality Outlet follows the development of covid-19 continuously. We have updated all routines to keep the environment as safe as possible. We take the situation very seriously and follow guidelines and general advice. Our business is open as usual, but we take the necessary measures. Our outlet village is in an outdoor environment with fresh air and large areas to keep physical distances to others. This is what we do to increase security and prevent the spread of viruses.

  • We welcome you with hand sanitizer at all entrances as we want everyone to maintain their hands extra clean. Hand sanitizers are also available at customer toilets and in all stores.
  • All stores have calculated the maximum number of people they can be in store at the same time. Please, respect that and do not enter in larger groups. Wait outside the store if you don’t have to go inside.
  • Some stores have two entrances, one for incoming customers, one for outgoing.
  • Floor markings show where to stand in queue for a suitable distance.
  • The stores have updated their hygienic routines regarding wiping of handles, cash desks, keypads on card terminals, how to handing over bags, etc.
  • Some stores have closed their test cabins. In order to try a garment, you need to buy the product and try how it fits you at home instead.
  • Some stores require that all customers wear a protective mask to enter the store. This is the case at Nike for example. They offer mouth protection to all visitors at the store entrance.
  • We take extra care to keep the common areas clean. Customer toilets are cleaned regularly, about every 1.5 hours. During the weekends when we have more visitors, we have a cleaning resource stationed there. This has always been like that, not just because of the risk for covid.
  • Our eateries have tables at a reasonable distance from each other. There is also the possibility of places outdoors if the weather allows.
  • The staff often washes their hands with soap and water and encourages our guests to do the same

We ask you to:

  • keep a respectfull distance from checkout counters and cashiers
  • do not hang over the counter
  • always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other visitors and avoid all direct contact.
  • do not stay in the customer restroom space longer than necessary. Companions are waiting outside the restroom space in the fresh air.
  • wash your hands often with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer as a complement.
  • visit us only if you are sure you feel healthy. Stay home if you experience the slightest symptoms such as cough, fever or cold. Refrain from visiting us if you have been in a risk area, in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, Covid-19

Welcome to visit our cozy outlet village in Barkarby!

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