Gant Barkarby

Gant’s history dates back to the early 1900 ‘s when Bernard Gantmacher immigrated to the United States from Ukraine, determined to acquire and his family a better future. Gantmacher began studying and funded his studies by sewing shirt-collars at night. He was soon recognized as a skilled tailor and the family came to found GANT in 1949 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Today there are GANT in over 60 countries, have more than 700 stores and 4000 selected retailers. The legacy of the American east Coast still lives and GANT offers elegant, casual clothing with a European twist.

The GANT Stockholm Quality Outlet offers clothes and accessories for adults and children as well as home furnishings. With us you will always find clothes of high quality and at a good price.

Welcome to us at GANT!


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