Stylish functional clothing is trendier than ever, and they help you in many everyday situations.

We have listed the smartest functional garments to help you through the winter’s associated rain and cold.

Venture Vest from Houdini
An insulating vest for all seasons of the year-works at least as good on the hiking trip as during the winter jacket when the minus grades fall or on the run a late autumn evening. Available for both men and women.
Psst! As if the vest’s characteristics were not enough, we can also announce that this product is recyclable. Houdini therefore asks you to submit it to the store again when it is worn out.

Outlet Price: 900 kr
Regular Price: 1.400 kr
Discount: 35

Linn Parka from didrikson
A classic and soft damparka with a feminine fit. The jacket has taped seams to prevent water from penetrating through, making it 100 windproof and waterproof. Keep you guaranteed warm in winter!

Outlet Price: 799 kr
Regular Price: 1.799 kr
Discount: 56

Loen Wool Socks by Bergans of Norway
A strong, warm and durable wool sock. If you wear these, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant wet feet; The polypropylene fibers quickly lead away moisture to the surface and evaporates it, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Outlet Price: 129 kr
Regular Price: 295 kr
Discount: 56

Helium from Peak Performance
A super lightweight women’s jacket that keeps you warm and has a water repellent and windproof shell material. Available in a variety of colors!

Outlet Price: 1.200 kr
Regular Price: 2.300 kr
Discount: 47

Fjellrapp Lady Tee by Bergans of Norway
A T-shirt perfect to wear as a base layer throughout the winter, and which regulates the temperature in a pleasant way.

Outlet Price: 350 kr
Regular Price: 700 kr
Discount: 50

Power Houdi from Houdini
A classic since 2003! Power Houdin is made of the durable material Power Stretch Pro from Polartec, which is said to be the best fleece fabric of its kind. The fabric is almost indestrucable but still soft, comfortable, warm and cozy. Available for both men and women.

Outlet Price: 1.400 kr
Regular Price: 2.000 kr
Discount: 30

Fjellrapp Lady 3/4 Tights by Bergans of Norway
These are part of Bergans most versatile series “lightweight”-with garments in 100 merino wool-developed for all kinds of activities. Just These tights are extra handy if you wear boots or ski boots.

Outlet Price: 375 kr
Regular Price: 750 kr
Discount: 50

Essens Mimic Hood from Haglöfs
This men’s jacket is insulated with QuadFusion Mimic, a synthetic material that has the thermal properties we find at Dun but that also keeps high performance even when it rains (which we expect it will do relatively often this winter).

Outletris: 1.400 kr
Regular Price: 2.000 kr
Discount: 40

Uplift Tights by Röhnisch
Is it okay to wear sports tights for everyday? Yes, as long as you’re not going on that super-meeting with the boss, it’s all OK. Skip the neon color, and instead bet on a pair of tights in a more neutral colour. This stylish specimen from Röhnisch has a compression fit and is made of a soft, moisture-transporting material.

Outletris: 560 KR
Regular Price: 799 KR
Discount: 30