We are Houdini, a Swedish company founded in 1993. Our products rock. In terms of performance and the way they help you perform. Are we the biggest sports brand? –Not even close. We don’t aim to be the biggest, we only aim to be the best. The best performing and best looking sportswear, with minimal environmental impact.

Our progressive approach to performance, style and sustainability is unmistakable. Houdini is the brand of choice among many of Scandinavia’s core athletes, and high-end retailers. The products are worn for their aesthetic values just as often as for their level of performance. Today a sustaintial part of the range is made from recycled or renewable fiber, an even greater part is fully recyclable or biodegradable.

Join us in our vision to provide addictive products to playful and proud “Houdiniacs” worldwide and inspire people to lead a heslthier and happier lifestyle on a living planet, for us and future generations.

Play hard, have fun!