Bergans of Norway Barkarby

Bergans has over 100 years of experience in hiking and expeditions. And the practical tests carried out in connection with expeditions in Arctic areas have greatly contributed to the further development of our products. Already 1912 we equipped polar farers such as Roald Amundsen, Robert F. Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Wilhelm Filchner with Bergans backpacks. This contributed to the backpacks quickly becoming world famous, and they became a natural choice for a series of expeditions in the 1900 ‘s. In modern times, profiles are part of Team Bergans, for example Cecilie Skog with “Seven summits” and “the three Poles” and Rune Gjeldnes with “Arctic Ocean” and “The Longest March”, followed the old tradition. They have used clothes, tents and backpacks from Bergans on their expeditions.

Advanced Equipment
Alongside backpacks, Bergans has in recent times also invested heavily in developing a wide range of technical clothing, casual wear, tents, sleeping mats, sleepingbags and Ally collapsible canoes. Today, Bergans places itself among world-leading players in the development of advanced hiking equipment and functional clothing. We remain an important supplier of equipment to several large and small expeditions around the world. We take outdoor people seriously! In this way, we want to contribute to the fact that more and more are inspired to take part of our amazing nature.

Bergans philosophy, both now and in the past, is about creating high-quality products in combination with functional and appealing design. We work continuously to maintain our position as a leading company and put a lot of resources into product development and not least product testing. Something that again and again leads to that Bergans is “best in Test”. We involve a number of specialists in our product development to arrive at the best possible solutions. Among other things, we use the expertise of polar farers such as Cecilie Skog and Rune Gjeldnes. Cecile Skog has been involved in developing her own signed collection, and the jibbing skier Anders Backe has been central to the development of his own ski collection. When we develop new hunting products, we naturally take contact with experienced hunters with different backgrounds. All this to give customers the optimum option for each application.

Outlet Stores
In our outlet stores you will find stylish products from Bergans to discounted prices. The selection consists mainly of models and colors that have been available for a while and to be phased out, but we also sell out our sample collections. Among them you can find your favorite garment from Bergans in a color that otherwise is not available. The first sample production is made to be presented and tested on the market. On the way up to the final collection changes a lot. These exclusive models have so far only been available to employees at Bergans. Now you can buy them in our stores at Norwegian Outlet, Bergans Outlet Langevåg and Stockholm Quality Outlet at a very good price.


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