Publicerad 2019-11-12

We met the man behind the helm at Wayne’s Coffee at the Stockholm Quality Outlet, who had a coveted price for the second consecutive year.

In the middle of our area is Wayne’s Coffee. Perhaps the KRAV-branded café pops up like a mirage when you groan out from a store where you spent almost an hour in the test room. Just as the name implies-here you can drink coffee. Of course, you can also eat a range of goodies, from classic options like cinnamon rolls and muffins to healthier options like vegan wraps and sandwiches. Perfect when the energy depots are going down the bottom.

Amir Khatibinaz, the man behind the helm at Wayne’s Coffee at Stockholm Quality Outlet, has for the second year in a row comed the price “Best in Show”! The competition is national, and those who fought for the prize are Sweden’s all Wayne’s Coffee franchisers-which today are as many as 91 pieces. As if that weren’t enough, Amir is the only one to win the prize for two consecutive years. We call it grand.

The justification for the 2019 year’s price reads as follows:
“No matter what day of the week, or what time of day you visit this café, you are always greeted by a full booth of finely-presented products. It’s always clean, fresh and tidy. You get a friendly and nice reception when you step in, which means that you as a guest always feel very welcome.

This franchise sets the bar high for the rest of the chain, but itself never deviates an inch from performing at the best level year after year. An increase in sales and earnings is a clear proof that he is doing everything right.

We are proud and grateful that this person with his family and associates is part of our chain. “

We met the award winner for a little chat, to straighten a few questions and ask for tips.

Amir, great congratulations for the prize! What does it mean to you?
-It feels so incredibly fun to get to take home a prize like Best In Show 2019! I think you have to have a passion for what you do, and be able to feel a certain professional pride for the craftsmanship that you do every day. The customer should always be in focus and at the same time should never be satisfied, the pursuit of just getting better and better is important.

How long have you worked at Waynes?
-I’ve been part of the chain since 2007.

In what part is your passion-the coffee, the food or the pastries?
-If I’m going to be honest, the coffee is my passion, but my love for the pastries is great!

Then we share the same passion! Do you have any special tricks to get your coffee extra good?
-The best recipe to get perfect coffee is to make each cup unique for the guest. You talk about double or single espresso, shot-yes coffee is called different all the time. The important thing to take into account in the context is to pay attention to the guest on two things – strong or weak as well as what volume you want to drink, small or large? Based on these two parameters, I can do exactly the warm beverage that the customer expects. What is the name of the beverage? I usually ask what the customer name is and name the beverage after the customer!

As the motivation reads, the booth at Wayne’s Coffee is always full of goodies, and the decision-making anxiety when ordering a fact. We can voua for that. We therefore let Amir Khatibinaz list the Café’s three best pastries, to help you in the stack.

1. Organic Carrot Cake
My personal favorite is the carrot cake! It is a premium product that fits well from morning to night, and the fresh berries are the icing on the cake.

2. Blueberry Muffins
On placement number two comes blueberry muffins. For me, muffins are a classic cafe product that should be available at all cafés!

3. Cinnamon Bun
Last but not least-in third place, our super tasty cinnamon rolls are baked by the café every morning. A freshly baked bun always goes home with customers!