If there is one time when function and comfort are important it’s when choosing the right sports bra. Fact is that the sports bra can be the most important garment when persons with breasts workout. The choice of sports bra should be based on which workout you do and your breast size. 

The top 3 tips

  1. Start with what kind of workout you should do.
    How much jumping and intensity comes with the activity? Read more about different “impacts” in the paragraph below. 
  2. Select material. 
    The breathability of the garment is important to make your workout pleasant. It’s also important that the material has good strength and that it’s not too elastic. Try the sports bra carefully so you can feel that the material feels comfortable and that all the functions helps you to get good support. Keep in mind that the bra should feel a little tight when you buy it, then it fits extra well in movement and activity. 
  3. Choose design.
    Pretty and functional. It’s an extra plus when it’s side support and when the straps are a bit wider. It provides both comfort and support. 

High impact, medium impact and low impact
You will come across thes concepts when looking for a new sports bra. What is actually their significance?

High impact is for you who practice very intensive workouts. Maybe you run, do interval training or crossfit. To perform on top under this tough workouts you need maximum support. High impact fits you who have bigger breast because they’re often adjustable and/ or comes with extra support of cup.  

Medium impact is for you that workout with medium intensity. Gym, dance or fast power walks are examples on medium intensity workouts. Medium impact is often tight around the chest.  

Low impact is perfect for you who, for example, take longer walks and have a slower pace on your workouts. This type of sports bra are often seamless. This bra fits you who are looking for something comfortable rather than support-friendly that is given by High impact.

A good example of a sports bra with Low impact, from Filippa K – Soft Sport Collection. A sports bra with light support for low intensive workout as yoga, pilates, barre and dance. Made in double layers polyamide stretch with moisture repellent properties and a soft elastic bottom. Also a comfortable garment in your everyday wardrobe. 

  • Double layer 
  • Moisture repellant 
  • Stretch
  • Light support

Outlet price 360 kr (600 kr)

An example of a sports bra with High impact is Salming Gloria from the store Abecita Salming. It’s a comfortable sports bra with racerback for good support, padded cups that gives good support and a well- developed technology for extra good fit. 


  • High support 
  • Soft wide straps for extra comfort 
  • Racerback
  • Padded cups 
  • Adjustable straps 
Outlet price 349 SEK (499 SEK)


We also recommend Kimberly sports bra from Abecita. It has soft properties as at the same time provides good support with its adjustable straps and light padding to relive the shoulders. The material breathes and absorb moisture from the body. This sports bra is perfect for high impact workout and fits perfect for you who have gone through a breast surgery, both enlargement and reduction.


  • Safe textile, Oeko-tex 100-certified
  • Wide elastic under the breasts
  • Wide adjustable straps 
  • Good breathability
  • Swedish design 
Outlet price 349 SEK (499 SEK)

The 3 DON’Ts in the fitting room 

  1. You are stressed!
    Take your time, you breathe fast and gets easily tense when you are stressed. The most important part in the process of testing a new sports bra is to breathe properly. Take deep breaths so you can feel the sports bra fits properly but nice around the chest. 
  2. You don’t jump!
    Don’t stand still and screw around in front of the mirror. Jump with both feet together, vrank with your arms so you feel how the sports bra fits around a moving body. Bend over and make sure that your breast don’t rolls out of the bra.
  3. You don’t evaluate properly
    Sometimes you might buy something because it is more pretty than functional. That is not working with with sports bras. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that it doesn’t sits too hard or too loose. Your sports bra should give you support, feel soft and at the same time be stable.

Match top and tights trend 

The hottest trend in sports and fashion right now is matching sets. Match the sports bra with the tights. These garments can be used not only in the gym, but also in everyday life. Imagine workout tights with a gorgeous dress over, imagine workout tights and a matching sports bra under a big white shirt, imagine the glossy workout tights with an oversized sweater… It works as good in the gym as in the supermarket or at work – totally functional fashion. We have provided some tips on sets down below, that meets these requirements.

Leopard printed workout set from Röhnisch

Flattering sports bra: outlet price 279 SEK (399 SEK)
Flattering printed tights: outlet price 419 SEK (599 SEK)

Yoga set burgundy colored from Röhnisch 
Wave tights outlet price: 349 SEK (499 SEK)
Braid sports bra outlet price 349 SEK (499 SEK)

Stockholm Quality Outlet always sells products at outlet prices, never less than 30% off ordinary price. You find sports bras in following stores:

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> Nike
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> Twilfit

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