Most people associate Stockholm Quality Outlet with fantastic bargains-right! But if you are not prepared, it can end up with a series of unused garments that only take place in the closet.

So, how do you really manage to find the best bargains? We have listed 10 invaluable tips for your visit with us.

1. Scan your closet
before you get off, go carefully through your closet and scan what you really have in there in the cuckoo. Most importantly-what are you missing?

2. Make a list (but don’t let it limit you!) Write a list of what you need so you can be effective, and so you have a lifeline if you feel completely advised once in place. But, don’t let the list prevent you from discovering and being inspired by other things you encounter – soaking up every new store offering.

3. Dress right
prepare to spend some time in the test rooms, and wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take on and off. Therefore, skip the tightest cane jeans and tops with too many buttons. Also, try to dress in neutral colors, which may be suitable for the most part you are trying.

4. Invite with a taste advice
bring that (sometimes hard) honest friend, whom you wholeheartedly trust and keep you on the alert! Each other’s guiding stars through test rooms and clothes horses filled with bargains.

5. Do not stress-take good time on you
shopping spree will take time, but in the end you will only be happy the more time you took on you (even if in the moment’s sweaty heat in the test room can feel unbearable). Set off a full day for your visit to us! Do not forget to rest between the shipyards, sit down and have a coffee and fill up with energy when the snake betrals you!

6. Navigate your way
through our website
what are you looking for? In the menu on you will find which shops are in the area and a selection of what they offer. Where are you going, and how are you going to find? Don’t worry, in addition to many maps on site, we have Google Maps linked to all the stores on the website!

7. Check out our Nordic brands
The Nordic fashion Miracle is by far the best in the world when it comes to tasteful, minimalist design, and many tourists pilgrims to Stockholm to be able to shop just that. Take advantage of the luxury that you are already here, and check out the Nordic brands we have at Our area! Among other things, we speak By Malene Birger, Acne Studios, Filippa K, Sand, Samsøe & Samsøe and Masai.

8. Basic garments are always a safe
Bet this point may sound boring-but go for basic garments. Invest in a stylish and useful blazer in good quality, white shirts and costume trousers. Useful basics that may not always be so fun to buy at the regular price, simply.

9. Don’t let the price
where the variegated, patterned ruffle top sold at a real bargain price might seem like a fun purchase, but think about-will you really use it? If it is most likely just going to dust and take place in your closet, skip the purchase!

10. Visit us a weekday!
Last but not least-if you can visit the Stockholm Quality Outlet a weekday instead of a holiday, do it! We are open from 10.00 in the morning to 20.00 in the evening, and it is much quieter both in the shops and in the car park. A less stressful shopping experience usually culminates in the best purchases, it’s since old. Do you work and have a busy day? Come after work, unwind and try the clothes in peace and tranquility.